Community Update; August 18, 2023

Posted By on August 18, 2023

Dear Watermark Community,

Hello everyone!  Are you storm-ready yet?  In preparation for the storm heading our way on Sunday & Monday, we have taken measures to address any potential issues; we’ve removed the umbrellas from the tables on the Community Patio, and there are a limited number of sandbags in the garage should water make its way into places it shouldn’t be!  We’d like to ask that you also think about what you might need to do to avoid any damage or issues to your unit & yourself.  Some things to think about might include:

  • Do you have items on your patio that could get pushed around or damaged by high winds and heavy rains.  Please get them inside and safe.
  • The power could go out.  Do you still have your flashlights from the planned outage at the beginning of August?  Keep your phones well charged during the weekend, just in case!
  • While you are out & about, please drive safely, don’t rush, and avoid driving through any flooded areas.  This will be our first real rain in a while so be careful!

Below are your weekly updates:

  • Tuesday morning, 8/22 between 8:30am-12:30pm there are drain pipes being replaced in the garage.  We ask that during these hours you use as little water as possible.  This will make it so that we don’t have to shut the water off completely.  Please don’t do laundry or run your dishwasher during this time and try not to shower or flush your toilets.
  • Please remember to return the shopping carts to the garage shortly after you have finished using them.  We have a limited number and would like everyone to be able to enjoy the convenience of having them.

Thank you,

Shannon Zgrzemski, CMCA

Watermark General Manager


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