Community Update; August 25, 2023

Posted By on August 25, 2023

Dear Watermark Community,

Hello everyone!  I’m glad everyone fared well through the storm and we’ve come out the other side.  Everyone did a great job in their preparation for the storm.  We really appreciate your efforts.

Below are your weekly updates:

  • With the next Board Meeting scheduled for September 12th, if you have any documents that will require the Board’s review at the meeting, Architectural Requests, Member Correspondence, etc., please have them to me by Monday, September 4th so that they are submitted to the Board of Directors on time.
  • On Thursday, August 31st there will be a drain pipe replacement from 8:30am-12:30pm.  We’ll be able to keep the water one but just like last week we ask that you refrain from any heavy water usage during this repair, no laundry, showers, dishwasher loads, flushing of toilets.  Thank you!
  • Currently, some of you utilize extra parking that we have in the garage for your vendors, cleaning crews, nannies, etc. to use while doing their work on-site.  Beginning September 1st these spaces will no longer be available for use as extra parking.  You will need to ask your guests and staff to park on the street, or if you will not be home and would like to offer them your parking space that is a secondary option.  It has been a nice convenience to have these extra spaces for use and we are sorry we do not have another option to provide you in their absence.  We appreciate your cooperation and communication to all visiting you on where they will need to park.
  • Just a note, Monday, September 4th is a Federal Holiday, Labor Day, and no work will be permitted in the building on that day.  Please communicate this to your vendors.

Thank you,

Shannon Zgrzemski, CMCA

Watermark General Manager


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